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Why multi-brand cloth nappy trial packs are a great idea

I never used the first cloth nappies I bought. 

Well, maybe I used them once or twice, but that would have been it. They certainly didn’t get the use I imagined they would when I bought them originally! I had researched online and tried to find what the “best brand” was. Over many weeks I had read about different features, different fastening options, and the pros and cons of sized or OSFM (one size fits most) nappies, before settling on two different brands and buying six of each brand.

I liked the nappies I chose, and I still think they are great options. But I couldn’t plan for one thing – what suited my baby. When I tried to use them on him, they were bulky, awkward, and just didn’t seem to fit him well.

I was a bit stumped but very determined… Cloth nappies were going to work for us!

I tried another brand, and third time lucky, they worked. Yes! I was thrilled! We bought a full stash of 24 and happily settled into our cloth routine. When my daughter was born 18 months later, to my relief, those same nappies worked for her! Fast forward two years and my next boy was born. Those nappies I had loved for my older two kiddos? Absolutely did NOT work with my son! His body type was different, and even with years of experience and understanding different folding and boosting options, I just wasn’t happy with those nappies on him.

So we tried another type and bingo! They worked. 

Skip forward another two years and along comes my youngest boy. That time the problem wasn’t with our day nappies, but with our cloth nighttime nappies. Our existing ones were starting to get worn out (as you would expect, having been worn by multiple children over a number of years) and stopped fitting out youngest well. We tried a few options before finding one that worked reliably for him.

All of this to say, sometimes finding the right nappy for your child involves a little (or a lot) of trial and error. Depending on how many of each brand you begin with, it can end up being an expensive endeavor!

I strongly believe that there is a cloth nappy to suit every baby. And while I can give you suggestions based on my experience and your description of your baby, the only way to know for sure is to try a brand and see if it works. This is where multi-brand cloth nappy trial packs really shine. They give you the chance to try different brands with your baby at a discounted price and without waiting for multiple parcels.

They help you find the right nappy sooner and with less of a dent in your bank account!

Here at Baby Mumma, we have a newborn nappy trial pack that comes with three nappies, as well as OSFM trial packs with either three nappies or five nappies. You get to customise the pack by choosing the brands and designs, or I can put together a surprise pack if that’s what you’d prefer.

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