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Whats your favourite cloth nappy?

So today as I ponder, my youngest turning 2 in 2 days, my eldest turning 6 in a month, Baby Mumma turning 4 tomorrow and my #1 son turning 4 in a month… I come to realise, I have been using cloth nappies for very close to 6 years. I have tried many a different nappy and I do have a few different brands that I love and also sell.

But what is my favourite? well, do you know what. My favourite nappies are not embroidered, in fact my favourite nappies do not even have hidden PUL – yes for them to be completely waterproof, they require a cover. In the 6 years I have been using them, I have always found myself going for these when bubs has a rash to help clear it up quicker. And in those 6 years – I have only lost elastic in 2 legs of 2 different nappies. 3 babies.

My favourite nappy is the Baby Beehinds Bamboo or Hemp fitted.


Whats yours?

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