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Vanilla Mozi review – A popular favourite

One of Baby Mumma’s most popular products is Vanilla Mozi.


I was quite amazed that this one product could actually help. I have tried many products to repel with varying degrees of success, never found one I could apply to my kids that didn’t sting if they had a sore. Another thing I struggled to find was a bite relief that was ok on scratched open bites (that would again – not sting or cause a flare up). Because let’s face it kids being kids nearly always have a sore of some kind.

It funny the things we need when looking for anything kid related. One of my funny criteria when looking for a repellent was an all-natural product that all 4 of my kids can use and I didn’t have to worry ….even when they try to lick it off once I put it on their skin (yep kids really do that!). One without sting…. because that drama is just soo not needed! One that can be applied to their face….yes some hesitate to put a product on bubs face that’s on the rest of their skin – a babies face is just so sensitive. One that smells nice, can be put on with sunscreen, can be put on cold (tubs can be stored in the fridge for cool relief) and just so many things we don’t realise we want in our products until we start using a product.

If you are like me you may wonder if you want too much in a product….The creative Lee-anne from Vanilla Mozi had these dramas and more!! That’s why she started her journey to create the all-natural repellent we use now. No nasty chemicals you inhale at every application was one of her criteria.

I know that Vanilla Mozi meets all my needs and some – my kids fake bites to be able to put some Vanilla Mozi on – you know it’s a family favourite then!!!

It’s funny to see that when I am doing a market stall I will have customers who already use and love Vanilla Mozi come up to my stall with friends and proceed to sell It for me!…this products really does sell itself once word gets out I know from their reviews (I really love reviews of all our products!) that many of them and their children with eczema and skin allergies can use this.

So what is Vanilla Mozi?

Vanilla Mozi is a beautiful, natural cream. Designed for babies, children and sensitive skin, Vanilla Mozi is the perfect repellent choice for the whole family. The main ingredients are; plant oils, mango and shea butters, beeswax and essential oils of vanilla and spearmint. Vanilla Mozi is extremely effective at preventing mosquito, sand-fly and midge bites. Even in the worst insect areas internationally. The whole family will be bite free and smell fantastic with Vanilla Mozi.

Vanilla Mozi is applied just like a moisturising cream and smells just like Vanilla and spearmint. It is handmade by a WAHM in Queensland. It is an Australian owned, created and made product. The great thing about the cream is that it was created for children and babies. It’s so gentle that it can be used on your baby’s face.

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