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cloth nappies


Cloth nappies – they’re cute, they’re reusable, and they’ll save you more money than you expect. Here’s why:

The Overall Cost Of Nappies

On average, a baby will need 6000 nappy changes from birth, until they are toilet trained. No wonder parents get tired of changing nappies! At roughly 35 cents per nappy, using disposables will cost you $2100. Yes, you read that right – using disposable nappies means that you will spend over two thousand dollars just to catch your baby’s pee and poop. Kinda a lot, right?

Alternatively, you could choose cloth. A set of 24 cloth nappies, at $35 each, will set you back $840. Well cared for, those 24 nappies will last until your child is toilet trained. By choosing to use cloth nappies, you have just saved yourself $1260. Many nappies are able to be used for subsequent children too – if you use the same set on your next baby, that’s another $2100 saved!


No More Nappy Bags

While these little bags cost so little, they add up over time. 6000 nappies need 6000 bags, and at an average of 1.75 cents per bag, you’ll be spending $105 on something purely designed to throw away and end up in landfill. Instead, consider spending $50 on some good quality wet bags. Not only will they see you through your nappying days, you can use them in a variety of ways in the years beyond: beach bag, gym bag, toy storage bag, the list goes on!


Spend Less On Nappy Creams

While there are no guarantees, many babies and children avoid rashes while wearing cloth. A well-washed nappy, natural fibres, and timely nappy changes all make nappy rash less likely to develop. Not needing to buy multiple creams means extra dollars in your pocket!


Save Money with Cloth Nappies

Baby Wipes or Cloth Wipes?

While many parents joke that they couldn’t live without disposable baby wipes, our family hasn’t bought any in over three years. And not once have I missed them! When you are using cloth nappies, the next logical step is cloth wipes. You can toss them in the wash with your nappies, so there’s no extra work, just less waste! Whether you choose cloth wipes from a nappy brand, some face-washers from a department store, or even make your own, washing and reusing your wipes will easily save you a few dollars per week. (And just to make them extra useful, you’ll find that cloth wipes actually do a better job of cleaning your baby’s bottom!)


Earlier Toilet Training

Ok, so this point is more of a general benefit rather than a money saver, especially as you may already have a full time cloth (wipes, nappy, wetbag) set-up. But I just couldn’t leave out!
There are no guarantees when your child will transition from nappies to undies, but children who wear cloth nappies often toilet train earlier than children who wear disposable nappies. So even if the cost savings (and utterly adorable designs) haven’t convinced you to try cloth, maybe this will. Because who wants to change more nappies than they need to?


So there you have it. Four ways that choosing cloth nappies will save you money, and an added bonus incentive to give cloth a go! Are there other ways that using cloth has saved you money? Share in the comments, so we can all benefit from your wisdom!




The dreaded number three.

Whatever you call it, I can guarantee you hate it. There’s nothing like smelling a dirty nappy and picking up your baby to find out it’s not just the nappy that is dirty. If you’re lucky, the poo has only escaped onto your baby’s lower back. But if you aren’t so lucky, you may be cleaning up their legs, back, and maybe even their head. Yuck! Nobody wants to be cleaning up such messes, which is why the Seedling Baby Multifit pocket nappy is so good. These nappies do just what they are made to do, and will make poosplosions a thing of the past!


Features of the Seedling nappy


The Seedling nappy has rise snaps on the front, so you can adjust the size as your baby grows. Snapped to its smallest, the nappy will easily fit a 4kg infant. At its largest, you’ll have no trouble fitting it on your 16kg toddler. Handy, right?

Seedling Nappy sizing


Your Seedling nappy has three parts: a bamboo insert, a microfibre insert, and the waterproof shell. The shell is soft, breathable, and has a wide opening (pocket) in the back, into which you place the trifold and microfibre. The microfibre insert works to draw in liquid quickly, so no moisture will sit on the surface of the nappy and potentially leak. The main insert (Diversifold) is a 70/30 blend of bamboo and cotton, providing great absorbency to hold even the biggest of toddler wees.  When used together, the two pieces create a fast absorbing, incredibly thirsty insert. This makes them great for using when you know you may not be able to change as frequently as normal – nap times or road trips, for example.

Double gusset

This is a fancy way of saying they have two elastic layers at the legs. Why? Because it helps prevent leaks by ensuring a great fit on both tiny newborn legs and chunky toddler legs! Only the inner gusset sits against the leg, and the outer gusset adds a second layer of leak-protection. It also allows for the addition of extra boosters without compromising the fit of the nappy.

Seedling nappy features

Elasticised waist

The soft but secure elastic in the waistband is what prevents the poosplosions from escaping out the back of the nappy. You know what this means, the really gross part of cleaning up will no longer have to happen!

Eye catching designs 

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but we can all agree that Seedling’s prints are beautiful! Choose from a range of hand-painted designs or classy solid colours, or get a 7 pack that contains both!


Life is messy. Parenting is messier. And no parent wants to deal with more poo than absolutely necessary! With a Seedling nappy, you can be assured that your nappy will do what it’s meant to do and contain all the mess. No more wee leaks, no more number threes, no more outfit changes at the most inconvenient of times. Just a cute nappy for your cute little one, and peace of mind (and clean hands!) for you.

Available now as a single nappy, in a bulk pack, and with matching accessories.
From March 22-29, receive a free luxury play mat with the purchase of a Seedling nappy 7 pack.

Seedling Nappy


We can’t believe it’s 2018 already, but we’re ready and raring to go. And with the hottest days of summer still ahead of us, we’re already planning on how to beat the heat for our families so as to stay cool, and happy!

how to keep your family cool in summer

1. Stay hydrated
The number one rule of summer is to stay hydrated! The Australian government recommend a litre per day for children aged 1-3, and 2 litres for their mummas. Make sure your nappy bag always includes some water for everyone. Our Frank Green water bottles are leak proof, so you can toss them in your bag and go!

2. Protect yo’ self
Sun protection is so incredibly important in our harsh Australian summers. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses help protect us for the sun’s UV rays, and is definitely worth the “But I don’t wanna wear it!” battles we all go through at one time or another with our children!

3. Make a splash
You can’t go wrong with a bit of water play. Whether you hit the local pool, or head out to a nearby water play area, or even just play in the backyard while you water the garden. Don’t forget to pack baby’s swim nappy so they can splash too!


4. A cool bite
There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool treat at the end of a hot day. Or, let’s be real, in the middle and the end of a hot day. Using our Sinchies Pops makes it so easy to freeze your own ice block creations, ready to crunch and suck on the next hot day.

5. Use the right carrier
Babywearing does not need to stop in summer! Using a lighter weight wrap or a carrier with a mesh panel helps keep everyone just that little bit cooler. We love to use a ring sling in summer because they’re thinner and there’s only one layer of fabric over bubs. A cooling towel makes a great addition to any carrier also – and can keep both you and bubs cooler.

What are your favourite tips and tricks for staying cool in summer? Share them in the comments!

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