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Babywearing Cooling Towel


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*Need a way to stay cool while babywearing?

*Pregnant, and looking for options to keep you cool?

*Kids too hot while they’re in their car seats?


The Baby Mumma Babywearing Cooling Towel is designed to keep you cool without leaving you feeling wet. Made from a silky soft micro-fibre, simply wet, wring, and snap to enjoy its cooling effect. This super useful towel comes in its own A5 sized storage pouch, perfect for slipping into your handbag or nappy bag so that you’ll always be ready when the Aussie heat hits!


100cm x 30cm

Machine washable

Six colours available



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How to use the Baby Mumma Babywearing Cooling Towel

The Baby Mumma Babywearing Cooling Towel is very simple to use! Simply wet the towel, wring out extra water, and grabs the ends and snap/shake. If it dries out or you find it isn’t cooling well enough after a time, simply follow the three steps again to reactivate!


How does it work?

No fancy tricks for this babywearing cooling towel, it works simply by evaporation! When wet, the fabric will cool to 15 degrees below the outdoor ambient temperature. As long as the towel has moisture, and there is some airflow present, the cooling effect will continue.


What is the towel good for?

Any warm activities, or just whenever you feel warm! Babywearing in the Aussie summer (or year round in our hotter climates!) can be an extra warm exercise and isn’t always comfortable. That’s why we call this a babywearing cooling towel – because it’s the best babywearing accessory! Wear around your head or neck to stay cool, or if your baby is over six months old, you can slip it between them and the wearer. These towels are also great if you attend a Kangatraining class, or any exercise or gym class.

The towel isn’t just for parents of young children either! Use one around your neck when going for a walk or working in the garden, or drape it over your child’s legs while they are in their car seat or pram. These towels are also wonderful for those who are more prone to feeling the heat, such as pregnant or menopausal women.


How do I care for my Babywearing Cooling Towel?

I’m glad you asked! Just like everything else about this towel, correct care is easy. Just what tired, sleep deprived parents need, am I right?! While out and about, you can store the towel in the accompanying storage pouch, and then simply let it air out when you get home. It’s machine washable too, as all good baby-related products should be.


What is it made from?

Our towel is made from a light microfibre material, similar in texture to a basketball singlet. It has a drapey feel to it, so it works well to mold around you or your baby.


Navy, Light Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Black


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