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10 Reasons To Use A Woven Wrap

Woven wraps are the most versatile option when it comes to wearing your baby. Because of all the options available, it does mean that some parents find them daunting. But there’s no need to be overwhelmed – a woven wrap will fast become one of your go-to parenting tools! Keep reading for 10 reasons why you should choose a woven wrap for your baby.

They fit for your child for a long time

One woven can last you from birth, to toddlerhood, and beyond! My three year-old has long outgrown the first buckle carrier we used with her, but the woven we used when she was one day old is still comfortable for both her and me!

Hands free parenting

When somebody tells you “you have your hands full” because you have multiple children, you can wave your free hands and say “nope!” If you have older children, wearing your baby in a woven wrap allows you to have your hands free to help them with various tasks, or to simply hold onto them to ensure they don’t run off!

Worn babies cry less

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! A study in the Paediatrics journal found that babies who are worn more during the day cry 43% less overall, with a 51% reduction in crying during the evening. The babies worn for longer periods were also more content and less likely to have colic. Amazing! In cultures where babywearing is the norm, parents often use minutes to describe their baby’s crying periods, unlike Australian parents who will often talk of how their babies cry for hours, particularly in the evenings. If nothing else about using a wrap (or any optimal carrier) appeals to you, perhaps this will persuade you. Happy baby, happy parents!

The designs. Oh the designs!

Are you a neutrals fan, or keen for something a little more bold? Either way, there’s going to be one to suit your preference. Stripes, spots, hearts, pictures, there’s a woven wrap design to suit anybody’s likes.

five woven wrap designs

They can be used by multiple parents and caregivers.

Woven wraps fit wearers of all sizes. They come in a variety of sizes, and because you can tie it in a variety of ways, you can always ensure the same woven wrap will fit wearers of various body types.

They keep baby in an optimal position

When worn correctly, your baby will be held with their thighs fully supported, knees above their bottom, and with a gently curved spine – the ideal way to support their developing body!

Useful during pregnancy

Did you know that you don’t have to wait until after you’ve given birth to use a woven wrap? You can use it during pregnancy, to support your growing bump! You can also wear your toddler in a woven, while you are pregnant. Just make sure to tie the knot above your bump!

Multi-positional wearing

Wovens let you wear your baby on your front, back, or hip. Does your little one need to feel close? Front carry! Got a curious bub who wants to see the world? Pop them on your hip! Headed off for a long walk, or doing some shopping? Back carry! Wovens really are so versatile.

The Compact Option

A woven wrap takes up much less space in your car boot than a pram – making them extra convenient when heading away, doing the groceries, or whenever!


I’ve used my wrap as a blanket (for me, or my child!), a picnic rug, and even a change mat at times! My children use them as tumbling mats, rivers, and just about anything else you can think of. And once you have finished wearing your child for good, you can use the fabric for a variety of other projects – I’ve seen woven wraps made into cushion covers, blankets, handbags, even baby swings! The possibilities for woven wrap scrap creations are almost endless!

So there you have it – 10 reasons to use a woven wrap! If you have your own favourite reason for using a woven, let me know in the comments, and let’s celebrate the joys of woven wraps together!

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