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Seedling Beach Bag


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Any parent knows that taking babies to the beach can be quite the ordeal. This bag changes all that!

The Seedling Beach Bag is a wet bag that makes beach trips that much easier. Big enough to hold bathers, a towel, and a change of clothes, these bags will hold everything needed for one child. Give them each a bag, and you’ll know you have everything you need.

You can also use it as a wet bag for your cloth nappies (stores 10 nappies) and simply wash with your nappies.

Measuring at approx. 40x50cm, they are available in the same gorgeous designs as the Seedling Paddle Pants.

The waterproof lining means that getting home from the beach is also easy and mess free – no more dripping plastic bags or awkwardly bunched up towels leaving sand all through your car. Simply toss everything into the wet bag, and when you get home, empty the contents into the washing machine. The Seedling Beach Bag is also machine washable, so it really does make all aspects of a day at the beach easy!