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Reusable Snack Bags


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These reusable snack bags come in a set of 2 reusable bags – 1 medium and 1 small snack bag…the perfect size for snacks on the go!

They eco-friendly, zippered bags are machine washable and feature a waterproof lining so they clean up quickly and easily, use after use.

The highly water-resistant lining and zipper closure make them perfect for any kind of treat: crunchy, crumbly crackers; juicy, fresh fruit, popcorn and so much more. They’re a great solution for package-free lunches.

There’s no end to their usefulness, as you’ll find yourself filling them with more than just food. Their versatile size and design make them a great container for first aid kits, puzzle pieces, mobile phone and anything else you might want to keep handy.

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