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Pop In OSFM Nappy


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A Pop In nappy is a OSFM nappy that combines the convenience of the all-in-one nappy with the absorbency and easy-dry factor of an all-in-two nappy.

Its clever waterproof shell holds a bamboo soaker and booster popped in together, and the stretch tabs ensure the perfect fit, every time.

The double leg gussets ensure no leakages and the extra absorbent panel concealed within the gusset of the outer shell holds in the wetness,  so you know it’s not going to leak.

The gussets also provide room for boosting – add a Pop In night booster to turn this day nappy into an ideal nighttime nappy solution.

 Makes Parenting Easier

In delightfully cute prints, the Pop In is smartly designed to ensure it fits most babies from birth to potty training.

Imagine the savings in money and the convenience of always having a nappy at hand!!

PLUS, you’re making a huge impact by keeping disposables out of landfills and nasty chemicals away from your baby!

The sweet designs mean that you can actually “dress” baby up in minutes with just a nappy and tee or vest, especially during the summer!

Makes More Sense

Reusable nappies make more sense! They fit baby beautifully, are chemical-free, cost-effective, convenient and cute!

For sizing, refer to the chart below. It is intended as a guide only as all babies are different shapes and sizes, the maximum waist size of the Pop In is 56-57 cm. You should choose the nappy setting that most closely fits around your baby’s legs for maximum containment. Do remember – you may find that your little one quickly progresses through the size settings faster than you anticipate, they may even be on the largest setting at night by 6-8 months, but don’t panic they will soon be mobile and their body shape will then change!


6 months on all products (with proper care) from the date of purchase.