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Newborn Nappy Cover


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A stretchy, gusseted cover ideal for newborns.

Bubblebubs covers are made with PUL sandwiched between 2 layers of polyester knit fabric. These super soft covers are fastened with HTH (high technology hook) tape.

These covers are made with a gusset, to give you extra protection against newborn poosplosions.

Designed to fit from 3-7kg, they are a generous fit.

The unique low linting design of the HTH (high technology hook) tape means it continues to grab well after other touch tapes have clogged with fluff, it is also a lot softer than traditional velcro so it won’t rub on your little one’s skin.

Bubblebubs PUL covers are the perfect fit over bambams, bamboo delights or prefolds.

We recommend 3-6 covers for full time use (depending on the number of nappy changes per day)

Designed to fit from 3-7kg