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Draw-on Doll Carrier with Crayons


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A doll carrier made for those who love creating something very personal and individual.

Your child will have fun creating their very own design with the provided crayons, and even more fun playing with it!

This child-sized meh dai allows your children to carry their “babies” on their front or back, whatever way they would like. Baby doll or the beloved stuffed animal, either one can be carried easily to enable your child to play hands-free while keeping their baby safe. On the back panel there is a small pocket – so they can keep all of their small treasures are safe!

Crayons are from Ökonorm.

The fabric crayons have the following ingredients: vegetable waxes, beeswax, vegetable stearines, non-toxic color pastes and pigments.

Additional instructions for the use of the fabric crayons:

Wash and dry the carrier before painting (to remove finish).

Place a piece of cardboard under the fabric or between top and bottom.

When painting, always work with the structure! Draw the motif with strong lines. Apply the colour richly, so that the wax covers completely the thread.

When you have finished the motif, place absorbent paper under the textile and iron the motif without steam from the back, until no more color adheres to the paper. Then iron the front without paper.

After two days (minimum), wash carrier with a mild detergent – without optical brightener at 40°.


Children under three years should be supervised by adults. Contains small parts which may be swallowed.

Suitable for:

Little doll’s mummas and daddies – 1 to 10 years


One machine washable doll meh dai


The back panel is 27 cm wide, 29 cm high, the elongated part has 34 cm.