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Alcmena v2 OSFM Nappy

Brand: Alcmena


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The AI2 Alcmena nappy is simple to use – simply snap the insert into place, add the booster if desired, and you are ready to go! Or leave the inserts out and use the shell as a swim nappy, the choice is yours!

  • Sizing: One Size Fits Most (OSFM) ~ 3-15kg
    • It will carry your baby through, from birth till toilet training!
  • Shell Material: Waterproof PUL
  • Insert Material: Bamboo Fleece and Microfibre
  • Double-gusseting around the legs (to minimise leaks)
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Why buy an Alcmena OSFM nappy?

10% of all profits of Alcmena sales goes to rescuing millions of people from modern-day slavery around the world.

Shop with confidence, knowing that you’re saving the planet AND contributing to a worthwhile cause!


1. Quicker Drying Times – both for the nappy shell and inserts!

  • The v2 shell is waterproof meaning you can simply snap out the soiled inserts, wipe down the nappy shell and re-use with a fresh inserts
    • This will save you from changing a full nappy for every wee. However, we would recommend changing where poo gets on the nappy and/or heavier loads.
    • Please note that you will still need to wash the shell once it has been soiled – it will just dry a lot quicker!
  • Your waterproof nappy shell can also double as a swim nappy, saving you time and money! The gussets on the nappy shell will contain any discharge.

2. Gussetted 5-Layer Bamboo Inserts

  • It’s not just our nappy shell that has gussets, our 5-layer bamboo OSFM snap-in inserts also have gussets! This means everything will be captured by the bamboo insert, and if there’s any extra, it will be caught in the nappy shell = No more leaks!
  • The inserts are made of 3 layers of stay-dry micro-fibre surrounded by 2 layers of thirsty bamboo. The micro-fibre absorbs the moisture quickly (preventing ‘flooding’ of the nappy) whilst the bamboo holds the moisture securely until the next nappy change, as well as sitting lusciously against bub’s skin.

3. Customisable Absorbency Options

  • Our new v2.0 nappies will come with 2 inserts/boosters, allowing you to customise your absorbency up to 4 different ways!
    • 5-layer (3-layer micro-fibre inside 2 layers bamboo) OSFM Snap-in Insert
    • 3-layer (pure bamboo) Mini Snap-in Booster
    • That’s 5 layers of bamboo and 3 layers of stay-dry micro-fibre!
  • How to customise:
    • For light wetters/day-use, simply snap the OSFM Insert into the nappy shell
    • For nap times, add in the Mini Booster by snapping it onto the OSFM Insert
  • Whether you have a newborn that requires frequent changes or an 18-month old that sleeps 10 hrs, we have you covered!
    • For a newborn, just use the OSFM Insert by itself as it will be prevent the nappy from being too bulky, especially when the snaps are on the smallest setting.

Other Features:

  • Sizing: One Size Fits Most (OSFM) ~ 3-15kg
    • It will carry your baby through, from birth till toilet training!
  • Shell Material: Waterproof PUL
  • Insert Material: Bamboo Fleece and Microfleece
  • Double-gusseting around the legs (to minimise leaks)
  • SGS Certified

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