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  • The perfect addition to your ssc carrier, this band is simply worn under the webbing waist strap to smooth the tummy area. Made with lightweight thin foam, this band is comfortable even in summer.


    In 3 sizes:

    regular 57cm (up to AU ladies size 18+)

    mini 35cm (up to lades AU size 16)

    **NEW** Micro (up to size 12-14)


    or 4 payments of $8.75 with Afterpay

  • The Fidella Sling Bag is a stylish bag, perfect for use as a nappy bag or a large handbag. It easily fits a day’s worth of nappies and spare clothes, as well as any other things you and your baby need to make a day trip really relaxed. Use it on its own, or as a babywearing bag. The adjustable strap means you can position it out of the way of your carrier.

    $60.00 $40.00

    or 4 payments of $10.00 with Afterpay

  • $59.95

    or 4 payments of $14.99 with Afterpay

  • $29.95

    or 4 payments of $7.49 with Afterpay

  • The lillebaby RETRACTABLE VIEWING MIRROR – BLACK (lead free)   

    This accessory is designed to clip onto your carrier and enable you to view your infant in the back carrying position.

    • Retractable as needed
    • Lead-free black paint
    • A helpful accessory to support your baby carrier adventure.

    or 4 payments of $6.74 with Afterpay

  • The lillebaby Waist Extension Belt  (Black ) 

    • The lillebaby waist extension belt is here . Offering the practical solution of enabling your  lillebaby COMPLETE belt to be extended by up to an additional 24cm.
    • The lillebaby COMPLETE carriers have a waist band that comfortably fits up to the equivalent of Size 18 Womens in AUS.  ( So this is a great solution if you need some further length on the waist strap )
    • This is an excellent fit solution for mums and dads.
    • Easy to clip and fasten into your lillebaby COMPLETE waistband buckle.
    • An ideal solution that just adds further customisation to the brilliant lillebaby carriers.
    • Experience the Lillebaby comfort.

    or 4 payments of $4.98 with Afterpay

  • The lillebaby Foot Stirrups (Black ) 

    The lillebaby foot stirrups are here . These clever foot supports are attached to the hip belt and provide little feet a place to rest – offering further support and carry comfort for adult and child.

    • These foot stirrups are easy to attach and adjustable in length and width.
    • They support your  child in a more symmetrical sitting position reduces the pressure off the baby’s sacrum.
    • Your baby’s weight is more evenly distributed between your shoulders and your hips and makes it even more comfortable to carry for longer periods of time.
    •  The stirrups prevent older babies from accidentally kicking you while walking or swinging their feet suddenly which can affect your center of gravity.
    • Infants and bigger kids all love the additional security and feedback that they receive through their supported feet and legs.

    or 4 payments of $6.23 with Afterpay

  • The lillebaby Lumbar Support replacement piece.

    The lillebaby lumbar support is incredible. Offering ergonomic support in the lumbar region of the back – this small piece offers premium comfort and support when used with your lillebaby carrier. Made from supportive but flexible materials to adjust to suit – covered in 100% Sturdy Canvas Cotton Fabric.  This is what lille lovers across the globe describe as “Golden” – just one other amazing feature of the lillebaby COMPLETE for maximum comfort.

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A REPLACEMENT PIECE – All lillebaby COMPLETE carriers come with a lumbar support. This piece is offered as a replacement piece if you ever happen to misplace yours …(and it sends your lilleworld upside down…its ok we’ve got it covered….breathe!!! relax!!!…the lumbar support is here. )


    or 4 payments of $8.73 with Afterpay

  • The lillebaby Tummy Pad 

    The fantastic LILLEbaby Tummy Pad adds both style and comfort when carrying baby on your back. The Tummy Pad is an optional accessory which easily slides on to your LILLEbaby COMPLETE, Essentials, or CarryOn waist belt to increase comfort and create a smooth and stylish line – no more webbing digging in on your front or sides! For pregnant babywearers, the Tummy Pad supplies much needed padding and additional support. Available in Black and Grey to coordinate with your carrier webbing, it’s the perfect accessory for tummy support whilst carrying your little one on your back with style!



    or 4 payments of $6.24 with Afterpay

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