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  • The perfect addition to your ssc carrier, this band is simply worn under the webbing waist strap to smooth the tummy area. Made with lightweight thin foam, this band is comfortable even in summer.


    In 3 sizes:

    regular 57cm (up to AU ladies size 18+)

    mini 35cm (up to lades AU size 16)

    **NEW** Micro (up to size 12-14)

    $35.00 $29.00

    or 4 payments of $7.25 with Afterpay

  • This beautiful wrap from Fidella has a sweet heart pattern woven into it. A gorgeous blue-green colour, this is the perfect wrap for all occasions. Also available in a toddler size Fly Tai (meh dai) carrier.

  • The Fidella Sling Bag is a stylish bag, perfect for use as a nappy bag or a large handbag. It easily fits a day’s worth of nappies and spare clothes, as well as any other things you and your baby need to make a day trip really relaxed. Use it on its own, or as a babywearing bag, as the adjustable strap means you can position it out of the way of your carrier.

    $60.00 $39.00

    or 4 payments of $9.75 with Afterpay

  • Gobstopperz are a cuddly blanket designed to give your baby comfort, and keep their favourite dummy or teether safe!

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $29.95 $20.95

    or 4 payments of $5.24 with Afterpay

  • These gorgeous cowl scarves are made from the Luna Cocoon Handwoven Wrap “Cherry Blossoms”.

    These scarves are 50% cotton, and 50% tencel lyocell.

    As these are handwoven, variations and imperfections may occur.

    $185.00 $120.00

    or 4 payments of $30.00 with Afterpay

  • This is a limited edition release of Milkyway in Dragonfish

    30% Linen 70% Cotton


    $240.00 $100.00

    or 4 payments of $25.00 with Afterpay

  • A happy tummy is a happy mummy. Our Belly Better tummy oil is here to soothe and calm and keep your little monkey as bright as a (belly) button! Belly Better is a fine blend of organic essential oils including Neroli and Lavender, known to calm and soothe. Perfect for a gentle tummy rub or a massage before bed to aid a good nights sleep.

    $15.00 $9.00

    or 4 payments of $2.25 with Afterpay

  • It is important to keep your little monkeys bottom in peachy condition. Our award winning, effective nappy balm is made with a blend of organic oils and Fairtrade Shea Butter with added organic Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils to nourish and protect against conditions that may lead to nappy rash.
    Nappy Balm. 90% Organic.

    $20.00 $12.00

    or 4 payments of $3.00 with Afterpay

  • The benefits of massaging your little one are huge, helping your baby to relax and promoting calmness. We love massaging our little ones as much as they enjoy it and it is great for bonding too. Organic Monkeys’ Hello Mellow massage oil comprises of a delicate blend of nourishing organic oils to moisturise the skin with a hint of organic sweet orange, lavender and roman chamomile essential oils to aid well being and help soothe restlessness and hyperactivity.

    $25.00 $15.00

    or 4 payments of $3.75 with Afterpay

  • Dry, flaky skin can be an unsightly and unwelcome addition to your little monkeys scalp. Organic Monkey have come up with a gentle, moisturising blend of organic oils to relieve dryness with organic geranium essential oil (great for helping to restore skins natural balance). This nourishing, easily absorbed oil will help to soften and loosen dry skin, making it easier to gently remove with a soft brush or dry washcloth.

    $15.00 $9.00

    or 4 payments of $2.25 with Afterpay

  • Get your little one ready for swimming with a Paddle Pants Swim Nappy. These nappies will fit from birth until 16kg, so you never need to worry about it being too small. Simply adjust the snaps at the front and along the waist, to create a perfect fit each time and avoid any nasty surprises in the water.


  • The Pop-in swim nappy make time at the pool safer, sweeter and so much better for both babies and the planet!

    Reusable swim nappies keep your baby’s bottom safe and free from exposure to disposables.

    Cost-effective and convenient to use as well, reusable swim nappies make parenting simpler and easier.

    As with most reusable products, you can easily use these nappies with baby number 1, 2 or 3!

    $22.95 $16.95

    or 4 payments of $4.24 with Afterpay

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