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  • Our natural wood and super soft goat’s wool hair brush is the perfect tool for delicate infant hair. Brushing your baby’s hair has major benefits to their well-being, and with our eco friendly 100% natural brush you can keep their scalp stimulated while also assisting to prevent cradle cap, generate blood flow and removing dried skin while keeping them relaxed…even helping them drift off to sleep.


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  • A happy tummy is a happy mummy. Our Belly Better tummy oil is here to soothe and calm and keep your little monkey as bright as a (belly) button! Belly Better is a fine blend of organic essential oils including Neroli and Lavender, known to calm and soothe. Perfect for a gentle tummy rub or a massage before bed to aid a good nights sleep.

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  • The benefits of massaging your little one are huge, helping your baby to relax and promoting calmness. We love massaging our little ones as much as they enjoy it and it is great for bonding too!


    Organic Monkeys’ Hello Mellow massage oil comprises of a delicate blend of nourishing organic oils to moisturise the skin with a hint of organic sweet orange, lavender and roman chamomile essential oils to aid well being and help soothe restlessness and hyperactivity.

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  • Dry, flaky skin can be an unsightly and unwelcome addition to your little monkeys scalp. Organic Monkey have come up with a gentle, moisturising blend of organic oils to relieve dryness with organic geranium essential oil (great for helping to restore skins natural balance). This nourishing, easily absorbed oil will help to soften and loosen dry skin, making it easier to gently remove with a soft brush or dry washcloth.

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  • Enjoy the fresh scents of vanilla and spearmint with this long-burning, soy wax candle from Vanilla Ozi (previously called Vanilla Mozi).


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  • Bring the scents of summer to your family with the Vanilla Ozi Summer Body Cream. Filled with the delicious, sweet aromas of vanilla and spearmint, this cream is gentle on skin and safe to use on all ages. As with all body products, please patch test before use.

    (Please note, this is the same formula as the previously available Vanilla Mozi).


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  • GroVia Itty Bitty Magic Stick is the perfect nappy balm to take it with you on errands or trips because of its small size. The no-mess applicator keeps hands clean and the all natural formula is effective for a variety of uses, including chapped skin, nappy rash, cuts and scrapes. Itty Bitty Magic Stick is colorless, organic, and petroleum-free. Plus, it smells amazing.

    We keep ours handy to use with dry lips and minor skin irritations.


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  • Our best selling Magic Stick nappy balm now with healing Zinc!
    GroVia have taken our all natural Magic Stick base and added 20% non-nano Zinc Oxide. Zinc powder is a safe mineral that allows baby’s irritated skin to heal faster.


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  • Now keep your hands clean when applying nappy balm. Easy to use Magic Stick goes on smooth and keeps baby’s delicate area protected and comfortable.


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