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  • The Lillebaby All Seasons features a temperature control panel at the front of the carrier which is easy to zip up for warmth or zip down to show the soft and supportive 3D Mesh inside for extra ventilation. With the varied Australian seasons and changeable climate this is an excellent solution for cuddle comfort all year around.

    The sturdy canvas cotton waist and shoulder straps provide excellent support, while the lumbar support panel offers extra back support (but can be removed if not needed). The straps can be worn backpack style or crossed over, making it easier than ever to get the perfect fit!

    The panel itself adjusts in size to fit your newborn, with an extendable back to provide head support for little babies or a larger panel for toddlers. The fold-away sleep hood is easy to use, and two handy pockets will fit your keys, phone, and some spare cash for a coffee!

    $235.00 $188.00

    or 4 payments of $47.00 with Afterpay

    • Suitable for infants from newborn (3.2 kgs) to toddler (15kgs)
    • 100% Natural, Premium Linen Fabric for a soft, supportive carry
    • Beautifully engraved zinc alloy rings are durable and easy to adjust
    • Removable pocket pouch provides storage for a truly hands free experience
    • Optional padding provides a layer of comfort between the rings and your shoulder
    • One Size fits most
    $135.00 $98.00

    or 4 payments of $24.50 with Afterpay

  • The Tie-the-Knot Wrap is made from luxuriously soft Tencel fabric, which possesses amazing support with natural breathability, softness and moisture control. The clever design features gives you simplified wrap solutions you will love.

    • Neck support pocket to provide additional support for baby’s neck and head.
    • Neat Tail Pockets to eliminate tail drag – easier to put on by yourself with no excess dragging material – Yay!
    • Luxuriously soft Tencel – lightweight, breathable, super soft and eco- friendly.

    Read below for more information: Available in various beautiful colours.

    $79.90 $63.90

    or 4 payments of $15.98 with Afterpay

  • The Lillebaby Retractable Viewing Mirror– BLACK (lead free)   

    This mirror is designed to clip onto your carrier and enable you to view your child when they are being worn on your back. Can be used with any brand of carrier.

    • Retractable as needed
    • Lead-free black paint
    • A helpful accessory to support your baby carrier adventure.
    $26.95 $19.95

    or 4 payments of $4.99 with Afterpay

  • The Lillebaby Waist Extension Belt  (Black ) 

    • The Lillebaby waist extension belt is here . Offering the practical solution of enabling your Lillebaby COMPLETE belt to be extended by up to an additional 24cm.
    • The Lillebaby COMPLETE carriers have a waist band that comfortably fits up to the equivalent of Size 18 Womens in AUS.  ( So this is a great solution if you need some further length on the waist strap )
    • This is an excellent fit solution for mums and dads.
    • Easy to clip and fasten into your Lillebaby COMPLETE waistband buckle.
    • An ideal solution that just adds further customisation to the brilliant lillebaby carriers.
    • Experience the Lillebaby comfort.
    $19.90 $15.90

    or 4 payments of $3.98 with Afterpay

  • The Lillebaby doll carrier is a delightful mini carrier designed for young children to experience the nurturing fun of carrying their special doll or teddy. Made for children aged 3+, it is the perfect way for them to love on their favourite toy. A delightful gift for any child, it makes a fantastic present for an older sibling for the occasion of welcoming a new baby brother or sister into the home.

    $49.90 $34.95

    or 4 payments of $8.74 with Afterpay

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