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  • Baby Bare mini bags are the perfect little accessory. Featuring exclusive prints, they have a layer of water resistant PUL. Sturdy zippers and a snap handle make them very versatile. The perfect little wet bag for so many uses!

    Why you’ll love them:

    • Fits up to two nappies
    • Perfect size for wipes, breast pads or a swim nappy
    • Toiletries (pre-teens & teenagers love them)
    • Make up bag
    • Purse for keys, phone, lip gloss, money
    • Impressive and affordable gift

    Size: 18cmx25cm


    or 4 payments of $1.74 with Afterpay

  • The most popular Baby Bare style, this All in Two nappy is trim fitting, super absorbent and stylish.



    • *Stretchy soft elastics and premium fabrics
    • *Includes cover, snap in insert & booster
    • *Stay dry, suede cloth lining
    • *Absorbency made from 450GSM bamboo fleece
    • *Pocket in the back of the nappy for extra boosting
    • *Fits from aprrox 3.5kg-16kg
    • *Available in PUL or plush minky

    or 4 payments of $7.24 with Afterpay

  • The Bare Cub All In One nappy is a popular nappy at a great price, with many features you will love.



    • *Waterproof PUL or Minky outer
    • *No assembly – all pieces sewn in
    • *Microsuede, stay dry lining
    • *Three rows of adjustable size snaps
    • *Fits from approx 3.5kg-16kg
    • *Sewn in, fast drying microfibre and a 3 layer bamboo ‘flap’ that folds out for easy drying

    or 4 payments of $7.24 with Afterpay

  • Baby Bare double wet bags are two bags in one – two different sizes of wet bag that snap together and can be used as one or apart.


    Double lined to prevent any leaks, these are great for cloth nappies and accessories, since their two pockets allow you to have a clean and dirty nappies separate. It easily fits 8‐10 nappies.


    The bag has two looped handles to allow you to hang it from your pram. The two loops join together to make a great handle for easy carrying.



    *Larger bag measures 35cm × 40cm

    *The smaller front bag measures 20cm × 30cm.


    or 4 payments of $6.24 with Afterpay

  • An easy to use, side snapping nappy in one-of-a-kind designs.



    • *10cm x 65cm long insert that folds to fits
    • *Insert has 3 layers of 450GSM bamboo fleece
    • *Stay dry, suede cloth topped insert
    • *Double row of side snaps
    • *Trim fitting nappy
    • *Fits from approx 4kg – 18kg
    • *Tummy elastic to prevent gaping at the front

    or 4 payments of $7.24 with Afterpay

  • A waterproof smock, with a pocket to catch any dropped crumbs…perfect for little ones!


    These feature three snaps in the back to adjust sizing around the neck, and the sleeves have elastic so can be longer than your baby and still sit above their hand. The front pocket catches extra mess and keeps everything more contained, while the long sleeves cover clothes in winter.


    Perfect for meal times and play!


    Sized to fit 6-18 months



    • *Sleeve 24cm (shoulder to cuff).
    • *Length (lower neck to bottom of the pocket) 31cm
    • *Width is very generous to fit babies of many sizes

    or 4 payments of $6.24 with Afterpay

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