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Is it hard to wash cloth nappies?

One of the most common questions that parents have before starting cloth nappies is whether or not they are difficult to wash. People have flashbacks of the days of soaking and scrubbing, but it’s not like that anymore! Washing cloth nappies is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1 – Remove any solids. Whether you choose to rinse off in the laundry trough or scrape into the toilet, it’s important to remove any solids. This is also meant to happen for disposables, but is rarely done! Some parents choose to skip this step if their baby is purely breastfed, but the choice is yours.

2 – Prewash. This is a short cycle that will remove any excess soiling. You can do this in your machine – look for a cycle that goes for 30-60 minutes, and run it at 40-60o. For this step, you want to use some detergent, half the recommended load dose is a good place to start, and adjust if you need.

3 – Main wash. As the name suggests, this is your most important (or main!) wash. This is the part of your wash routine that will give your nappies a thorough clean. A 2-3 our wash is what you want, in warm to hot water (40-60o), with the full amount of recommended detergent for a heavily soiled load. If you find your nappies aren’t coming out clean, try adding a laundry booster (such as Napisan), and ensure you’re doing a 60o wash.

4 – Dry. Your final step is to get the nappies dry. Line drying is obviously the most economical and environmentally friendly way to do so, but you can use a dryer if you chose. When line drying your shells or covers, take care that they don’t stay in the sun for too long, or simply hang in the shade, as too much direct sunlight can damage the waterproofing. For tumble drying, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions. The high heat from a dryer can damage the waterproof elements of your nappies, so either add those parts in at the end or put them in separately, at a lower temperature.

And that’s that! Nappy washing made simple!

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