Close pop in Car Seat Protector – Your answer to cleaner car seats!

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We love our car seat protectors here. I have 3 car seats in my car and the thought of having to remove, wash and dry those covers…well its can just be overwhelming. Even in Central Queensland where it’s hot and sunny most days, it will still take a full day to clean a car seat cover. Most of that time is spent drying the cover, for those south of us (enjoying nice cooler temperatures), I imagine it could take longer than a full day in the sun.


Mess happens not when we are prepared for it and have time to clean…no mess happens during chaos. So you child will probably spill their milk or yogurt in their seat at the beginning of you errand day (but after you have left home), have a poo-splosion in the seat just as you’re doing the school run or surprise you with a much needed toilet stop (yay for toilet training) in the middle of built up traffic. Your car seat protector won’t prevent these accidents but at least you know you’re covered (well your car seat is).


I had one mum at my market stall; she had just come back from a 6hr drive and told me she has always thought about getting car seat protectors but just never got around to it….until returning from her trip where both kids had accidents 3hrs from home. It was not a fun trip for mum.


Ah the joys of parenthood!!!

Seat protector


So now the gross talk is out of the way let’s talk about what the car seat protectors can do.

  • Help prevent food being caught down beside the seatbelt
  • It will protect the bottom of the car seat from accidents and spills.
  • It WILL NOT interfere in the safety of your car seat in any way (I have checked with qualified car seat installer – who then wanted one for her car lol).
  • It is wipe clean so you can clean up an accident and still be protected
  • It is fully machine washable – for those really big accidents



What It WILL NOT do though is protect your car seat from #3’s! Especially ones where the mess reaches up bubs neck lol. Nothing can protect your car seat from that mess.

I have seen the car seat protector work well in newborn capsules up to some of the larger toddler booster seats. It’s a great flexible design that works for every car seat I’ve come across.


I love the wipe clean top too. Where you see the print is the waterproofing. Under that is a little bit of padding just for comfort. On top of the waterproofing is microfleece to wick away any moisture. This microfleece can be detached from the car seat protector for washing and cleaning.


So in short – yep we love our car seat protectors, yep we love the prints and colours (robots are our fav!), yes it totally protects where needed, yes it fits all my car seats. No it cannot protect against #3’s!.


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Until next time!

Stacy – Baby Mumma – Gladstone