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Guest Post by Eva Van Strijp

Key Reasons to Choose a Reusable Swim Nappy

If you’ve perused the baby aisle in any major supermarket over the past 2 decades, you’ve probably noticed packs upon packs upon packs of disposable nappies. Nestled among these – usually between the night undies and the pull-up training pants – you’ll find swim nappies.

Single use  swim nappies.

Literally, a product that is designed to be used for one swim and then disposed of.

Considering the length of time most children spend in the water in any one session, this is significantly shorter than the time between normal nappy changes, and as such, a disposable swim nappy has a useable lifespan that rivals the water bottle.

We’re talking about something that is used for approximately half an hour and then disposed of.

Reusable swim nappies, on the other hand, can be used for hundreds of swim sessions. Better yet, if you grab a one-size-fits-most swim nappy – such as Paddle Pants – you won’t need to purchase bigger sizes as baby grows and the same nappy will see you through from bub’s first aqua class all the way to when they’re toilet trained and no longer require swim nappies.


So, is it worth the investment?


Let’s say a one-size-fits-most reusable swim nappy sets you back $25 and you go swimming with your bub once a week at the local swim centre, all year round. That’s 48 cents for each wear during the first 12 months.

Add to that the extra 18 months of weekly lessons you’ll get out of this swim nappy and the cost per wear comes down to 19 cents.

Add to that all the other times you go swimming with bub throughout the summer months and your cost per wear drops even further.

On the other hand, a disposable swim nappy will set you back around 1.37 every time. Over two and half years of weekly lessons, that’s $178.*

The difference between $25 and $178 is a delightful $153.

That’s two tanks of fuel, or a night out with dinner and a movie, or new books, or the next size up in clothing for your little one. It’s a haircut and colour, or the pink slip for your car or a zoo friends membership or a term of swimming lessons.

It’s a lot of great things.

But it’s also the satisfaction of knowing you’ve saved over 130 single use products heading to landfill over the first two and half years of your child’s life.

So if you’ve been tossing up whether or not to use cloth nappies, dive into the journey with a reusable swim nappy. Just #startwithonenappy and see where it takes you.


*Average price of premium brand disposable swim nappies across 3 sizes (small, medium, large).


Eva Van Strijp is a mother of six and creator of Seedling Baby. When Eva isn’t hanging out with her family or running a business, she’s eating chocolate, listening to podcasts or tending her veggie patch.

We can’t believe it’s 2018 already, but we’re ready and raring to go. And with the hottest days of summer still ahead of us, we’re already planning on how to beat the heat for our families so as to stay cool, and happy!

how to keep your family cool in summer

1. Stay hydrated
The number one rule of summer is to stay hydrated! The Australian government recommend a litre per day for children aged 1-3, and 2 litres for their mummas. Make sure your nappy bag always includes some water for everyone. Our Frank Green water bottles are leak proof, so you can toss them in your bag and go!

2. Protect yo’ self
Sun protection is so incredibly important in our harsh Australian summers. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses help protect us for the sun’s UV rays, and is definitely worth the “But I don’t wanna wear it!” battles we all go through at one time or another with our children!

3. Make a splash
You can’t go wrong with a bit of water play. Whether you hit the local pool, or head out to a nearby water play area, or even just play in the backyard while you water the garden. Don’t forget to pack baby’s swim nappy so they can splash too!


4. A cool bite
There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool treat at the end of a hot day. Or, let’s be real, in the middle and the end of a hot day. Using our Sinchies Pops makes it so easy to freeze your own ice block creations, ready to crunch and suck on the next hot day.

5. Use the right carrier
Babywearing does not need to stop in summer! Using a lighter weight wrap or a carrier with a mesh panel helps keep everyone just that little bit cooler. We love to use a ring sling in summer because they’re thinner and there’s only one layer of fabric over bubs.

What are your favourite tips and tricks for staying cool in summer? Share them in the comments!


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We are very excited to be stocking Lillebaby! We would like to celebrate this fabulous new addition to our line up and give someone the chance to own their very own.
We are giving away the new Lillebaby/TokiDoki COMPLETE – ALL SEASONS – Passport Travel (Cotton/3D Mesh)

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Fil’Up? Yes please!

I w2as one of the lucky few that was trialling the Fil’Up Mesh Wrap for Baby Mumma.  It arrived just in time for the heatwave we experienced up here in Brisbane in late November and Early December.  Awesome timing for a summery wrap to arrive.

The Fil’Up is made of 100% cotton and comes in 7 gorgeous colours, with 1 being organic.  It is a knitted fabric rather than woven and has a unique pattern that allows amazing airflow.  I tested this wrap with my then 10kg 8 month old daughter and my 11kg 2 year old son.

I found it had a fair amount of give due to the size of the spaces in the mesh. So when using I found the best carry for me was in a front carry. I found it comfortably supporting both my little ones in a Front Wrap Cross Carry for up to 3 hours.

This is a fantastic wrap for our hot, humid summers.  I was fortunate to be able to use it on multiple occasions on the walk to and from school in November and December, and it allowed a lovely breeze to help keep my daughter and I comfortable whilst wearing in the incredible humidity we had.3

The Fil’Up is a great wrap if you are looking for a breathable, cool wrap for summer and is very simple to use for basic front carries.


Cas Hartley
Baby Mumma –

North Brisbane Consultant


We love our car seat protectors here. I have 3 car seats in my car and the thought of having to remove, wash and dry those covers…well its can just be overwhelming. Even in Central Queensland where it’s hot and sunny most days, it will still take a full day to clean a car seat cover. Most of that time is spent drying the cover, for those south of us (enjoying nice cooler temperatures), I imagine it could take longer than a full day in the sun.


Mess happens not when we are prepared for it and have time to clean…no mess happens during chaos. So you child will probably spill their milk or yogurt in their seat at the beginning of you errand day (but after you have left home), have a poo-splosion in the seat just as you’re doing the school run or surprise you with a much needed toilet stop (yay for toilet training) in the middle of built up traffic. Your car seat protector won’t prevent these accidents but at least you know you’re covered (well your car seat is).


I had one mum at my market stall; she had just come back from a 6hr drive and told me she has always thought about getting car seat protectors but just never got around to it….until returning from her trip where both kids had accidents 3hrs from home. It was not a fun trip for mum.


Ah the joys of parenthood!!!

Seat protector


So now the gross talk is out of the way let’s talk about what the car seat protectors can do.

  • Help prevent food being caught down beside the seatbelt
  • It will protect the bottom of the car seat from accidents and spills.
  • It WILL NOT interfere in the safety of your car seat in any way (I have checked with qualified car seat installer – who then wanted one for her car lol).
  • It is wipe clean so you can clean up an accident and still be protected
  • It is fully machine washable – for those really big accidents



What It WILL NOT do though is protect your car seat from #3’s! Especially ones where the mess reaches up bubs neck lol. Nothing can protect your car seat from that mess.

I have seen the car seat protector work well in newborn capsules up to some of the larger toddler booster seats. It’s a great flexible design that works for every car seat I’ve come across.


I love the wipe clean top too. Where you see the print is the waterproofing. Under that is a little bit of padding just for comfort. On top of the waterproofing is microfleece to wick away any moisture. This microfleece can be detached from the car seat protector for washing and cleaning.


So in short – yep we love our car seat protectors, yep we love the prints and colours (robots are our fav!), yes it totally protects where needed, yes it fits all my car seats. No it cannot protect against #3’s!.


Check out the Car Seat Protectors in our Close Pop In section here.

Until next time!

Stacy – Baby Mumma – Gladstone





When I was asked to do this blog I was feeling a bit nervous… a blog? For all to read…eek!!

Then I wondered where to start….well I might as well start with my most popular product (and a personal fav)…Vanilla Mozi.



Living in central Queensland we know going out means bities. Even staying in means bities – have you seen how small sand-flies are??,  they fly THROUGH the screens. It’s not pleasant being bitten by these nasties either, the itch can last days, the reactions can just be horrible!

I was quite amazed that this one product could actually help. I have tried many products to repel with varying degrees of success, never found one I could apply to my kids that didn’t sting if they had a sore. Another thing I struggled to find was a bite relief that was ok on scratched open bites (that would again – not sting or cause a flare up). Because let’s face it kids being kids nearly always have a sore of some kind.

It funny the things we need when looking for anything kid related. One of my funny criteria when looking for a repellent was an all-natural product that all 4 of my kids can use and I didn’t have to worry ….even when they try to lick it off once I put it on their skin (yep kids really do that!). One without sting…. because that drama is just soo not needed! One that can be applied to their face….yes some hesitate to put a product on bubs face that’s on the rest of their skin – a babies face is just soo sensitive. One that smells nice, can be put on with sunscreen, can be put on cold (tubs can be stored in the fridge for cool relief) and just soo many things we don’t realise we want in our products until we start using a product.

If you are like me you may wonder if you want too much in a product….The creative Lee-anne from Vanilla Mozi had these dramas and more!! That’s why she started hr journey to create the all-natural repellent we use now. No nasty chemicals you inhale at every application was one of her criteria.

I know that Vanilla Mozi meets all my needs and some – my kids fake bites to be able to put some Vanilla Mozi on – you know it’s a family favourite then!!!

It’s funny to see that when I am doing a market stall I will have customers who already use and love Vanilla Mozi come up to my stall with friends and proceed to sell It for me!…this products really does sell itself once word gets out I know from their reviews (I really love reviews of all our products!) that many of them and their children with excema and skin allergies can use this.

So what is Vanilla Mozi?

Vanilla Mozi is a beautiful, natural cream. Designed for babies, children and sensitive skin, Vanilla Mozi is the perfect repellent choice for the whole family. The main ingredients are; plant oils, mango and shea butters, beeswax and essential oils of vanilla and spearmint. Vanilla Mozi is extremely effective at preventing mosquito, sand-fly and midge bites. Even in the worst insect areas internationally. The whole family will be bite free and smell fantastic with Vanilla Mozi.


Vanilla Mozi is applied just like a moisturising cream and smells just like Vanilla and spearmint. Available in varying sizes perfect for all. The 20ml tub is the smallest size and is great for the handbag, their largest being the 250ml pump is perfect for distribution quickly and big enough to keep the whole family protected.

Vanilla Mozi is handmade by a WAHM in Queensland. It is an Australian owned, created and made product. The great thing about Vanilla Mozi cream is that it was created for children and babies. It’s so gentle that it can be used on your baby’s face.

What else has Vanilla Mozi created?

Well the clever Lea-anne has created Candles that repel too!! Small (twice the size of a tea light candle) to huge!! The spa candle (smallest) burns for a minimum 13 hours while the large candle burns for a minimum 45 hours, these are both great for home use. The giant candle – which is so big it needs 5 wicks! – burns for a minimum 350 hours and is designed for resorts. These candles smell even better than the cream. What do they smell like you ask?…..Milko lollies!!! I have even been known to take the lid of my large candle and leave it in a cupboard (unburnt, unlit) for a few hours – that cupboard smells yummy!!!!


Want more info on Vanilla Mozi? Check out their FAQ page http://www.vanillamozi.com/questions/

We would love to hear your reviews on this great product too. Vanilla Mozi is available in our skin care section and from your local consultant.



Baby Mumma – Gladstone Region






So today as I ponder, my youngest turning 2 in 2 days, my eldest turning 6 in a month, Baby Mumma turning 4 tomorrow and my #1 son turning 4 in a month… I come to realise, I have been using cloth nappies for very close to 6 years. I have tried many a different nappy and I do have a few different brands that I love and also sell.

But what is my favourite? well, do you know what. My favourite nappies are not embroidered, in fact my favourite nappies do not even have hidden PUL – yes for them to be completely waterproof, they require a cover. In the 6 years I have been using them, I have always found myself going for these when bubs has a rash to help clear it up quicker. And in those 6 years – I have only lost elastic in 2 legs of 2 different nappies. 3 babies.

My favourite nappy is the Baby Beehinds Bamboo or Hemp fitted.


Whats yours?

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