Babywearing and coronavirus

Posted by in Babywearing on June 17, 2020 0 comments


It’s no secret that I love babywearing. A quick scroll through my camera roll proves it – about the only photos of me are ones with my baby in a carrier or wrap! In fact, my husband and I love babywearing so much that we even sold our pram while I was pregnant with our now 2yo.

We love the benefits of babywearing:

  • Free hands
  • Increased bonding
  • Can be used instead of traditional tummy time
  • Reduced crying (for the baby. But also for mums. I swear my post-partum emotions were more stable when I had my babies in carriers. All that oxytocin I guess!)

But now, as our world faces the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s one benefit of babywearing that is more valuable than ever before:

Babywearing keeps babies safe.

A stranger is much less likely to touch a baby who is in a carrier on a caregiver’s chest. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, but it’s frequency is definitely reduced! And plus, it’s easier to swat someone’s hand away from your chest than it is from a pram!

It’s also helpful for toddlers. You only need to be around a toddler for approximately 3 seconds to realise that they just love touching everything around them. Which isn’t good at the best of times but should especially be avoided right now! Popping your toddler up in an appropriate carrier means they won’t be able to touch things, and it helps them to maintain the required physically distancing, rather than randomly tackling people out of the blue… (anyone else’s toddler done that before?)

Just as importantly, babywearing releases oxytocin.

And in these stressful, uncertain times, we could all do with a little feel-good boost!

If you already have a carrier, pull it out, even if it’s been months. If you haven’t got one, now is the ideal time to change that! Restrictions across Australia are lifting, but it’s still important we do our part to keep our families and each other safe.