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Are Stainless Steel Pegs Worthwhile?

As a mumma, laundry is my ever constant companion. And while baby clothes may be little, they sure do take up a lot of room on the clothesline! How such tiny socks, singlets, and onesies can fill a clothesline so quickly never ceases to amaze me.

So many little clothes need so. many. pegs!

In the hot Adelaide sun, my plastic pegs were just not lasting. Almost daily, at least one would break and send little plastic shards down onto my grass. Not great for the environment, and not exactly safe for my little ones who were crawling around! I had to keep buying new pegs, to both replace the broken ones and to keep up with how many more pegs I needed as my family grew.

So I made the switch to stainless steel pegs!

Stainless steel pegs won’t drop plastic shards (obviously!) and if you buy the appropriate grade of steel, they won’t need replacing either. Which is very helpful, because I’m prone to forgetting things (thanks, baby brain!)

Stainless steel pegs come in three different grades:

Grade 201 is the standard grade. Bring these beauties inside when not in use and they’ll last you a lifetime! They aren’t recommended for salty environments though, so if you live by the coast, choose a higher grade to prevent your pegs rusting.

Grade 304 is a medium grade of stainless steel. Hard-wearing and durable, these are the ones for you if you don’t live near the ocean, or if you already bring your pegs in when not in use. This grade is also available in rainbow steel – because washing does not have to be boring or bland 😉

Grade 316 is marine grade. This means that even in the saltiest of air, these pegs will not rust or break! If you live by the ocean, or want to know you’ll never have to replace pegs again, these are the ones for you. They’ll truly last a lifetime…and beyond!

As well as regular pegs, you can also get stainless steel sock hangers, aka – octopus hangers. These clever things let you hang up to 20 items on one hanger, saving you time as well as space on your clothesline. These are Grade 201, so remember to bring them inside when not in use!

Such a simple swap will help you save money and reduce waste. And they’re an excellent gift idea for the person who “has everything” already! Shop the range and start making the change today.

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