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Are Minky Nappies Waterproof?

 Eight years ago, when I pregnant with our first baby, I began researching cloth nappies. I very quickly discovered that there were two types of material used – minky and PUL. I learnt that PUL was water resistant, and that’s why the nappies wouldn’t leak. A pretty important feature in a nappy, right? But without that visible, smooth waterproof layer, I didn’t understand why minky nappies even existed. How was such a soft, fluffy material waterproof? What was the point?

I honestly thought that minky nappies needed a cover or they wouldn’t work as well as PUL ones, and so actively avoided buying them.

Turns out, I was wrong.

Minky nappies are just as waterproof as their PUL counterparts. It’s just that the waterproof layer is hidden!

Minky fabric has the waterproof PUL glued to the inside, allowing the outside to remain beautifully soft and fluffy. A quick look inside any minky pocket nappy will show you the waterproof layer on the inside. (And of course, this layer is there in non-pocket nappies too.)

Which means they are just as waterproof, and work just as well, as PUL nappies!

With no functional difference, it means it really is just a matter of preference whether you chose minky or PUL. Some parents love minky because of how soft it is, whereas others like PUL because the design print can be sharper. Other parents really don’t mind at all, and will base their choice on whether or not they like the design.

If you haven’t given minky a try – Bambooty Basics are a budget friendly minky option that will see your babe through to toilet training. And the Bubblebubs range (Pebbles, Bo Peeps, and Candies) comes in a new, extra soft crystal minky. Both have become fast favourites in my nappy stash, and I’m sure the same will be true for you!

Have you tried minky? Or are you a firm PUL-only mumma?

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